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Who We Are

At Chaloner Group we’re set apart by our expertise. We develop strong relationships with local authorities, government agencies and investors, expertly managing regeneration projects from concept through to completion. Our knowledgeable team assess development opportunities and strategically plan solutions for maximum returns. We manage retail, industrial and residential developments across the UK. We bear all of the financial risk right from the initial surveys, and work closely with stakeholders at every stage. The result is regenerated sites that work for the community, generating economic returns as well as achieving attractive returns for investors.

Leading UK Regeneration

Chaloner Group pave the way for award winning regeneration throughout the UK. We work on retail, industrial and residential projects to improve areas, benefiting the economy as well as achieving generous returns for land owners and investors. Starting with developments in Middlesbrough, Liverpool and Manchester, we grew quickly and now regenerate sites throughout the country. Our fast expanding property portfolio along with our values place us as the UK’s premier regeneration specialist.

Trusted Experts

Chaloner Group are set apart by our expertise. We know the value of forming close partnerships with the local authorities, government agencies and funding groups we work with. Our wealth of experience allows us to navigate complex legislation, resolve issues and reduce total project time. We’ve grown significantly and have won awards for our regeneration, a true testament to our capability and expertise.

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Our Values

Chaloner Group has a reputation for excellence and a commitment to all stakeholders. Our values are clear:

  • We improve the areas of the UK we work in. We regenerate where there is a need, be it retail, industrial or residential, to the benefit of the local area and economy. We are committed to our investors, clients and stakeholders. Chaloner Group only select projects where we are confident of returns, both financial and economic, for our stakeholders.
  • We eliminate financial risk for land and property owners. We ensure there is no cost to land owners, sourcing funding for all projects. Sustainability and environmental welfare are essential considerations at every stage of our developments.
  • We’re committed to regeneration for the good of everyone, and this includes caring for our environment and ensuring future generations also benefit from our projects.


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